Quality Learning Solutions

Providers of great learning for New Zealand organisations

At Quality Learning Solutions, we use our 20 years’ experience in online/elearning and blended learning to provide high quality, effective learning solutions for organisations of all types and sizes, across many industry sectors.

We aim to integrate practical, relevant learning into work places and encourage a philosophy of life-long learning for all New Zealanders. 

We’d love to help you identify your organisation’s learning needs and get the right option in place – a successful learning solution that works seamlessly with your day-to-day operation.

Our technology partner

Our main technology partner, Intuto, was established in June 2000 and we've worked with them since that time. 

Intuto has always been at the cutting edge of building innovative, cost-effective systems designed to add value to any business that needs to provide online training for their customers or their own people - that's why we prefer to use their products for our clients.

Although Intuto is a New Zealand-based company (another reason why we prefer to work with them!), their systems are used worldwide in business organisations, government groups, industry associations, and the education sector. 

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