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Product Knowledge

How much do your employees really know about your products and services?

strong product knowledge is essential to make sales, provide good customer service and work within legal obligations
Whether it’s a new product or service that all your staff need to learn about, or a new staff member that needs to learn about your products or services, sound product knowledge is one of the main keys to:
  • making sales
  • providing great customer service and
  • working within your legal obligations
How do you train your people at the moment?  Perhaps you run face-to-face courses or workshops or maybe it’s a case of asking them to read manuals and brochures and letting them pick it up as they go along? 

Both methods have some merit, but they’re also unnecessarily costly and usually result in inconsistent skills and knowledge – and they’re certainly not going to fix the problem if you’re launching a new product and need to train everyone at once in a really tight timeframe!

Here's how online product knowledge training works for new products and new employees

  • Train everyone at once (for a new product launch), or one person at a time (for new employees) – either way, you can get the job done in the time-frame you need.

  • No more problems with inconsistent information being passed on – you can be sure that every staff member has access to high quality, accurate and complete learning materials.

  • Are different levels of knowledge needed for different roles? Not a problem with online learning - it’s easy to customise the same base course so that everyone learns exactly what they need for their job.

  • Online product knowledge training doesn’t need to be expensive.  Even if you have premises in different locations, you won’t have the costs associated with face-to-face training – travel, accommodation, printed resources, etc.

  • You won’t have any worries about disruption to “business as usual” – there’s no need to take people away from their usual workplace.

  • When something changes in your product or service, it’s quick, easy and inexpensive to change your online course – no re-printing of course manuals or trying to work around existing course materials.
Available as your own fully customised course.

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