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Policy & Procedure

Do you want your people to follow your policy and procedures?

Use an online course to teach your people about your policy and procedures
Of course you do – in fact, they must! Many of your policies and procedures will tie directly to your legal obligations as an organisation, so it’s really critical that everyone is aware of and understands the rules . . . but do they?

Do you know how many people (don’t) read policy and procedure manuals?

Here’s how online learning can help make sure your employees know the rules

  • You can present your most important policies and procedures in an interesting way that’s directly relevant to your day-to-day operations, using real examples.

  • You can make it a formal part of your organisation’s learning programme. Put time limits on when it needs to be completed, while still allowing the flexibility for your people to complete the learning however and whenever suits them and you.

  • You can have the assurance that they really do know – assessment results will show that your people haven’t just briefed over the information, they really know it. 

Online policy and procedure courses

Our Quick-CustomiseTM course is based on general standard practice and New Zealand legislative requirements. We'll customise the course to include your organisation’s standard operating procedure. Typical content includes:
  • Code of conduct
  • IT use and security
  • Property and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Disputes and disciplinary procedures
  • Communication
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol
  • Visitors onsite
  • Attendance (absence, lateness, flexible working)
  • Dress code/uniform
  • Performance review
  • Meetings and travel
  • Health and safety
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