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NZ Compliance & Legislation

Are you complying with all your legal obligations?

Training your people in legislation and compliance is critical to your organisation

Several laws directly affect how you, along with every other New Zealand business, run your organisation.  You probably know that an example of this is the Health & Safety in Employment Act, where one of your legal obligations is to provide your people with training that meets the requirements of the Act and ensures you have a safe workplace - and to keep records to prove that you're completing that training.

Many other laws impact on the way most businesses operate, such as the Privacy Act, Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act. 

Industry-specific legislation might also affect the way your organisation is run – no doubt you're aware of these laws. (You can see some examples below.)

Some types of training are optional, but training your people in legal compliance isn’t.  The risk to your business of your team not understanding and working within your legal obligations can be catastrophic.  


Why is online learning the best option for employee compliance training?

There are plenty of advantages of elearning generally, but online learning is an obvious solution for compliance training in particular because:

  • All our course delivery options provide proof of evidence that the training has been successfully completed – extremely important for demonstrating your compliance as an organisation.

  • You can train any number of people at the same time, to the same standard (ie correctly!) and by any critical date.

  • It’s easy and inexpensive to provide refresher training at required intervals.

  • It’s quick and easy to update courses when legislation changes, such as the amendments to the Consumer Guarantees Act that came into effect in 2014, or the Health and Safety at Work Act (that replaced the Health and Safety in Employment Act)
  •  in 2016.

Online compliance courses

We have courses in the following areas. Some courses are currently under development – please contact us for details.

Legal compliance

  • Privacy
  • Consumer Guarantees & Fair Trading
  • Health & Safety
  • Employment Relations
  • Financial Advisers
  • Food Handling

Operational compliance

Have you thought about how well your people understand what you need them to know about your organisation?  We can help you:
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