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Does new employee induction work in your organisation?

An online induction course is a cost-effective way to manage on-boarding training
Do new employees feel immediately comfortable when they start to work for your organisation?
Do you give them the impression that you’re a well-organised workplace and that you really look after your people?
The first doubt is often cast for a new employee based on their induction training, or ‘on-boarding’ (the training they get about how your organisation operates, rather than specific training in their role.)
If you’re not absolutely certain that new employees are getting a well-structured effective induction into your organisation, you’re potentially wasting part of the investment of employing them. Without an effective introduction to your organisation, new staff take longer to become part of the team - they waste time and effort (and make mistakes) because they don’t know how you operate.

Why is online learning the best option for employee induction training?

  • An online induction course that introduces new employees to your organisation is available all year round. When a new employee starts (or even before they start, if you like), they can complete their course right away.  No more waiting for the next face-to-face induction course to be run (by which time they may have been with you for several weeks or months).

  • Online induction training gets an up-to-date, consistent message across to your new employees.  If you have a one-to-one, face-to-face induction programme, how do you know the right information is always passed on to your new staff?

  • Key messages can be included in your online induction course as video content, so when the CEO or the Sales Manager (or any key person) isn’t available at the time a new staff member starts, they don’t miss out.

Induction/On-boarding online courses

Our Quick-CustomiseTM course is based on general standard practice. We'll customise the course to include your organisation’s standard operating procedure. Typical content includes:
  • Industry overview
  • Organisation background
  • Organisational structure
  • Products and services
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Premises
  • Values and behaviour expectations
  • Information about role induction and other training
  • Administration
  • Contacts
Available as a Quick-CustomiseTM course, or your own fully customised course.  
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