Which of these online course options will work best for you?

Online course and delivery options.
We know that every organisation has different learning needs, so we’ve got them all covered.   Choose the one that’s right for you, or let us help you make the right decision.

Ready-to-LearnTM courses

Sometimes all you need is a ‘standard’ course.

  • You can meet some of your organisation’s basic legal obligations with the help of one of our compliance courses.

  • Perhaps you want to improve the Business English skills of those on your team who have English as a second language?

  • Or is it computer skills that are tripping people up and wasting time?

With nothing for you to organise, these courses can provide a fast, effective learning solution.

Quick-CustomiseTM courses

What if you need just that little bit more than a standard course?

We’re developing a range of courses that we can customise to make them yours. You can deliver a consistent, accurate message that relates to your own organisation, using your own practical examples and reflecting the way you operate. 

We’ll help you through a simple process and make sure your course fits your budget.

Our range of Quick-CustomiseTM courses currently available or due for release shortly include:
Contact us for release dates and approximate costs.

Fully customised courses

We can design and build a completely customised course or learning programme to exactly meet your needs – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

More information

Course topics

Get in touch with us to discuss the type of course you need, or find more information about some of them here.

Course delivery options

Deciding how you would like your online courses to be delivered is an important decision.  Find out more here about the range of course delivery options available, or contact us to discuss the best option for you.

Let us help you work out the best course and delivery options for your organisation

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