Elearning Design Process

How do we design customised elearning?

It's all about Chunks and Elements

Our courses are built in a modular style, presented in small, related chunks to make learning of key points fast and easy and allow learners the flexibility to fit short periods of learning into ‘business-as-usual’ requirements.


We include a range of elements to facilitate learning and consolidation of skills and knowledge and retain learners’ interest.  Here’s a selection of some of the types of elements we use.

  • text (not too much – an online course isn’t the same thing as an online book!)
    Elearning design involves putting together the right elements to create effective, engaging learning
  • images
  • video
  • audio
  • software demonstrations
  • content interactions (to bring attention to main points)
  • interactive exercises (to practice learning)
  • knowledge checks (practice tests with feedback)
  • practical activities (based on tasks that happen in your organisation)
  • scenarios (based on situations that crop up in your organisation)
  • skills cards (step-by-step printable instructions)
The elements are a bit like the ingredients in a cake - we blend just the right types and amounts so that you end up with a course that makes sense to learners, flows well and draws focus to exactly what they need to know.

Assessment – you can’t change what you don’t measure

It’s not what your people know that matters – it’s what they do.
If you don’t assess learning, how do you know your people have learnt what they need to know so they do what you need them to do?
Assessment is a critical element in online learning and is one of our specialties.
It’s sometimes tempting for organisations to shy away from assessment, because they’re concerned it won’t be well received by their people – but that’s not a reason to not assess learning.  We can help with strategies to show your people that assessment is nothing to be scared of and that it can help them be more successful.

Our design process includes:

  • the use of specific, measurable learning objectives as the basis for all content and assessment.

  • assessments that accurately measure the learning objectives and demonstrate evidence of learning.

  • assessment methods that include the appropriate combination of pre-assessment, formative assessment and summative assessment (the results of which are recorded by your LMS).

We can also work with you to ensure that assessment meets any additional specific organisational needs you may have.  For example, in addition to accurately measuring learning outcomes, you might need to collect data to prove legislative or other types of compliance, or help to measure your return on investment (ROI).

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