Your customised online course

What results can you expect?
Effective eLearning influences and changes behaviour to drive organisational results

Our design and development approach produces effective eLearning that will influence and change the behaviour of your people to drive organisational results. It’s not what your people know that matters – it’s what they do.

We create performance-changing courses that incorporate authentic, relevant learning where learners fully engage and make meaningful decisions relating to the type of behaviour or change your organisation needs.

A focus on required learning outcomes and agreed methods to assess learning success form integral elements of our courses.

Here’s some more information about how we design and develop courses.

Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

An important part of our development process is to work with your subject matter experts to ensure robust, effective content. We have extensive experience working with content experts to design learning objectives that will meet the organisational outcomes you need. 


How do we keep learners interested?

Adults learn in a variety of ways, so our learning reflects those adult learning styles and preferences.

We like to keep learning practical and real so that it really reflects what happens in your organisation and your people can see the relevance for them as they learn.

Where it’s possible, we like to use the ‘discovery’ approach to learning, where learners take actions based on their own judgements in given situations.  In our experience this approach really engages learners because they have an active stake in their learning. 

What does ‘customised course’ really mean?

It goes without saying that courses we design and build for you will accurately reflect the content your people need to learn. 

Courses will also match your organisational culture, language style, procedures, documentation and terminology.

We’ll also customise to fit any other important traits of your organisation – for example, you might have:
  • slightly different topical learning needs for different teams depending on their roles;
  • people with English as a second language, or
  • a majority of people in a certain age group.
All of these have implications for successful learning, so we’ll make sure your course really reflects the needs of your people, as well as your organisation.

What does a customised online course look like?

You can find out more here about how we design our courses.

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